Come Join the Polls!

2017-03-21 22:41:29 by Eronautics

Hey, peeps!

So far, the stuff I've been uploading here are some of my works from a few years back (starting 2014 onwards). If you'd like to have access to my more recent HD works, you can find me on

Here's my profile link:

I do open idea polls there for art requests - idea polls that win are the ones I illustrate. So if you have some great NSFW/SFW ideas, you are welcome to put them in on the poll! I also open commission slots there too.

It's mainly one of the reasons I'm only able to do an upload 2-3 times a week on my page here - because there's art requests I do for a few sites - HentaiKey and Whentai being two of them.

If you're interested, go visit my page.

You can also get in touch with me for commercial/personal works on
my email:

I will still, of course, continue uploading some images here every week whenever I get the chance.

See you around!



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2017-03-22 02:21:52

Wonderful I love your work